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The Aurum Institute is a leading healthcare organisation that has been successfully battling the joint scourge of the HIV and TB for over 20 insightful years.

With our headquarters in Johannesburg, South Africa, we have grown from just 2 to over 2000 staff and in that time we have become an internationally recognized, global authority on HIV and TB treatment and prevention.

A healthcare influencer, locally and globally. Our organisation’s approach is dedicated to researching, supporting and implementing innovative, integrated and high impact programmes to eradicate HIV and TB.

It is estimated that we have already saved, locally, over 480,000 lives. Through our training, our research programmes, and our clinical research trials we have helped influence and advance new treatment protocols for HIV and TB and helped direct better public health policies and practices.

Our journey and success in the battle against TB have led us to embark on carefully increasing our footprint and our helping hand. The Aurum Institute has now opened new clinics and offices in Ghana and Mozambique and we are preparing to expand our highly experienced staff to be able to assist and ‘take up arms,” against TB on the global stage.